Fourth SITES-IDEAs Annual Conference
on Development Topics

Rome (Italy), 28-30 September 2017
University of Roma Tor Vergata
via Columbia 2, Roma

With the financial support of
DEM - Department of Economics and Management, University of Trento, CEIS - Tor Vergata

Scientific Committee of the Conference

Simone BERTOLI (University of Auvergne), Marcello D’AMATO (University of Salerno), Gianna Claudia GIANNELLI (University of Florence), Vito Rocco PERAGINE (University of Bari), Federico PERALI (University of Verona), Furio ROSATI (University of Roma Tor Vergata), Pasquale Lucio SCANDIZZO (University of Roma Tor Vergata)

Organizing Committee of the Conference

Giuseppe FOLLONI (University of Trento), Furio Camillo ROSATI (University of Tor Vergata and UCW)

Keynote Speakers

Giovanni Andrea Cornia (University of Firenze), Jaime DE MELO (University of Geneva), Luigi MENNELLA (African Development Bank and Roskilde University), Alexander SARRIS (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), Michael TOMAN (Environment and Energy Research Program, Development Research Group, The World Bank)

How to reach the conference venue

The conference venue is at the Department of Economics - University of Roma Tor Vergata, Via Columbia 2, building A - Roma (IT). You can reach the Department following the instructions available at


For any questions please write to: