For the Registration to the Conference

1. Submission of a Paper for the Conference

To submit a paper to SITES-IDEAs conference please register to our online system, and proceed with the paper upload. 

2. Registration to the Conference

The registration can be done online and will open soon. In the meantime, individuals who wish to participate can create a user account in conftool

3. Conference Fees

For all participants the Conference Registration Fee is 70 Euro

To participate to the conference you need to be a SitES-IDEAs member. Member fees are 30 Euro for Juniors (PhD and Post-doc) and 60 Euro for Senior. See details here.

During the registration process, you will be asked if you are already a SitES-IDEAs member, in that case you will be waived of the member fee and the cost of participation will be limited to 70 Euro.

There is an additional 40 Euro fees for those who wish to attend the social dinner.

People registering to the conference will receive a folder with info material, pen-drive with the papers selected, access to all sessions and coffee breaks.

4. Methods of Payment

The way to pay is online with conftool 

Please be aware that once you have paid, no refund will be possible if you decide not to attend the event later on.

5. Other Information

Receipts will be given you at the beginning of the Conference. The receipt will only display the total amount paid, if you need more details. Please contact us at

6. Social Dinner
The social dinner will take place on Friday 29 September at 20.30. The cost of the dinner is 40 Euro. You can reserve a place using the registration form, or informing the organizers on arrival.