Winter School on Development Economics

An Introductory Course to Gams and Applied General Equilibrium Models

December 11-12, 2019 - Rome (IT)



General Description

The fall school is a crash course addressed to PhD Students, Post-docs, Faculty members, Researchers and Practitioners and it is aimed at endowing participants with theoretical and practical knowledge on General Equilibrium Models. Those approaches are widely applied, especially by supranational organizations, to simulate the impact of micro and macro policies and shocks on various dimensions of poverty and welfare. In fact, the combination of CGEs and Social Accounting Matrices (SAMs) has become a standard that allows to treat the GE model as an extension of national accounting. Moreover, in the age of Big Data, the great availability of data and the improved computational power has widened the horizon of the SAM-CGE possible coverage. Programming with GAMS will be a relevant part of the school. 

The aim of the course is to provide young researchers with mentoring as well as with exposure to cutting‐edge empirical and theoretical research in development economics. Participants will have the opportunity to present their own research projects and to discuss them with leading researchers in a relaxed and constructive atmosphere.


The course will include presentations of both completed research papers and work‐in‐progress, both empirical and theoretical. The number of participants will be limited to about 35. About 10 will be selected for a 20 minutes and about 15-20 papers will be selected for a poster session. Presentations by graduate students, post‐docs and other junior researchers who have recently acquired their PhD will complement the course; lectures and presentations will be key components of the event. Applicants can submit either a complete paper or a detailed and well‐developed research proposal. We particularly welcome the submission of work‐in‐progress proposals that describe on‐going and promising research, likely to benefit from an open discussion about the main conceptual and methodological problems related to the project. Participants who do not wish to present a paper are also welcome.

Invited Lecturer

Prof. Riccardo Magnani (Université Paris 13)

Organizing Board

Giacomo CATERINI, (University of Trento and University of Naples, l'Orientale), Giuseppe FOLLONI (University of Trento), Riccardo MAGNANI (Université Paris 13), Federico PERALI (University of Verona, ICID), P. L. SCANDIZZO (University of Rome Tor Vergata).

2019, 14 OCTOBER Starting for application
2019, 25 NOVEMBER Deadline for application (Extended)
2019, 26 NOVEMBER Notification of acceptance
2019, 29 NOVEMBER Deadline for payment (Extended)
2019, 11-12 DECEMBER Fall school in Rome



Graduate students and post‐docs will be asked to pay a registration fee of €180, while faculty will be asked to pay a fee of €250. The fee will cover the costs of coffe breaks and lunch for the duration of the event, but participants have to cover their travel expenses as well as accommodation costs.

Participants are asked to applay by sending an e-mail at sites.ideas@gmail.com and attaching their CV.

Participants who wish to present a paper should also attach the complete paper or a detailed and well‐developed research proposal (pdf file).

Participants who are interested in attending the school but do not intend to present a paper are more than welcome too.

The application should be submitted not later than November 25, 2019 (the deadline has been extended).

The successful procedure will be confirmed by email.


Participants are asked to pay the fee no later than November 29, 2019. If they are not SITES's members, participants are asked to subscribe at http://www.sitesideas.org/subscription/. After the application form, they will find payments options. Post-Doc and PhD students should pay a reduced fee of 30 € while ordinary members should pay 60 €. Similarly, tuition fees are € 180 for students and € 250,00 for faculty members. 


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