Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. Ph.D. Program in Economics and Finance




The Graduate School of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan offers a Ph.D. Program in Economics and Finance for the 2021-2022 academic year, starting in early November 2021. 

From the 2021/2022 academic year, the program will have a length of four years instead of three years. 

Four students will be awarded a four-year scholarship paying a gross income of € 15.343,28 per year. The monthly allowance can be increased up to 50% for our PhD students spending visiting periods abroad. There will also be allowances for short-period mobility (from the second year).

The first three terms of the Program are devoted to advanced courses (details can be found on our website: https://scuoledidottorato.unicatt.it/defap-courses-teaching-programme). During the remaining time, students strengthen their background with short courses, and work on their individual research under the supervision of a member of the Faculty. The Ph.D. dissertation can be focused on any of the Faculty members’ research area.

The results obtained by our students, and their placement, can be seen at http://scuoledidottorato.unicatt.it/defap-graduates. 

Our admission procedure consists of two stages: a pre-application and an official application. The purpose of the pre-application is to give candidates a preview as to whether their official application will have a chance to be successful. 


Pre-applications must be received by April 18, 2021. The results will be available by April 30.

To apply, read the “Call for Pre-Applications” at http://scuoledidottorato.unicatt.it/defap-admissions-admission-criteria. 

Enquires can be addressed to defap@unicatt.it.



Job opportunities


PEP seeks to recruit a dynamic and visionary Executive Director to spur its continued development and increase the visibility of PEP and of the researchers it supports in national and international research and policy circles.

Find out more about PEP here.

About the job

Job type: Executive
Contract: Three year fixed term contract, with the possibility of renewal
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Click Here for further information and application




The Center for the Studies on African Economies (CSAE) at Oxford has a some posts open.

One 2-year post-doctoral (research officer) appointment at the Centre for the Study of African Economies  – suitable for a behavioural economist or similar, who has an interest in studying interactions between psychological interventions and economic interventions. The project is largely pre-determined (working with Stefan Dercon and me) but with time for own research. This will be primarily Oxford-based, but with extensive fieldwork opportunities, largely in East Africa.

One post-doctoral post linked to the economics of education, working with Clare Leaver. This is not directly linked with CSAE but collaboration possible as we are working closely in general.

One 2-year pre-doctoral appointment in behavioural economics/psychology-economics interactions at Centre for the Study of African Economies, working with me. This will be primarily Oxford-based, but with extensive fieldwork opportunities, largely in East Africa.




Looking for a job in development or a field experience? 

BREAD http://ipl.econ.duke.edu/bread/relatedworkshop.htm
EADI  http://www.eadi.org/devcareers.html
FAO  http://www.fao.org/employment/current-vacancies/project/en/
UNJOB   http://unjobs.org/themes/technical-cooperation
European Tropical Forest Research Network  http://www.etfrn.org/etfrn/resource/frames/job.html
Learning for sustainability   http://learningforsustainability.net/jobs/org_links.php
NGOJOBS   http://ngojobs.in/
VOLINT - ITALY   http://www.volint.it/vis/ong?sort=asc&order=Figura+richiesta
MAE- Italy   http://www.cooperazioneallosviluppo.esteri.it/pdgcs/italiano/Lavoro/Lavoro.asp











































































































































































































































































































































































































































Master and Courses

NOHA Winter School on

"The Humanitarian-Development Nexus"


The University of Pavia and the Network on Humanitarian Action (NOHA), in collaboration with the International Committee for the Development of People (CISP) and the support of the European Commission - Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO), organizes the second edition of the NOHA Winter School on "The Humanitarian-Development Nexus".

Applications are now open and all information about the initiative and how to apply are available online at: https://www.nohanet.org/news-events/noha-winter-school-in-the-humanitarian-development-nexus-pavia

The 5-day course, taking place in Pavia from 27th November to 1st December 2017, targets humanitarian relief and development professionals, PhD and Master programme students. It aims at building awareness on the concept of the Humanitarian-Development Nexus, offering insights from NGOs and IOs' experts.

The final version of the programme will be published on the same site, as soon as it is available.

Best Regards



Master in Development Economics and International Cooperation (MESCI)

CEIS, University of Rome "Tor Vergata"

Master in Cooperation and Development, University of Pavia




Ph.D. Opportunities

Ph.D. School in Economics and Policy Analysis of Markets and Firms

We are pleased to inform you about the call for applications at the Department of Economics and Statistics of University of Salerno (Italy). All PhD scholarships are of about 13,000 euros per year. One scholarship for the Economics of the Public Sector curriculum specifically issued for italian or foreign candidates with a university degree obtained abroad, also includes free on-campus accommodation and a free daily mail at the university canteen.

Deadline for the application is September 8th 2017.

Further information about the application procedure can be obtained at

Link in italian

Link in english


Borse di studio in memoria di Guido Cazzavillan

In memoria di Guido Cazzavillan, intellettuale influente e studioso creativo nel campo della macroeconomia e dello sviluppo economico, scomparso nel 2014 a soli 51 anni, la famiglia Cazzavillan e il Dipartimento di Economia di Ca’ Foscari intendono offrire a giovani ricercatori italiani  l’opportunità di frequentare un dottorato di ricerca in una prestigiosa università estera e di condurre un progetto di ricerca riguardante le strategie per sconfiggere le diseguaglianze e la povertà, con particolare attenzione ai Paesi in via di sviluppo, temi cari a Guido Cazzavillan.

La famiglia Cazzavillan, attraverso Mobiliare Veneta, con il patrocinio e il supporto del Dipartimento di Economia dell’Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, ha bandito due borse alla memoria che  sono destinate a giovani talenti italiani per l'anno accademico 2018-19.

I bandi sono pubblicati al link

Fellowships in memory of Guido Cazzavillan

In memory of Guido Cazzavillan, an influential thinker and a creative scholar in the field of macroeconomics and economic growth,  who died suddenly in 2014 at the early age of 51, the Cazzavillan family and the Department of Economics at Ca' Foscari University of Venice intend to provide young Italian scholars with the opportunity to attend a PhD program in a prestigious university abroad and to carry out research on strategies to tackle inequality and poverty, with particular focus on developing countries, topics of special interest to Guido Cazzavillan.

The Cazzavillan family, through Mobiliare Veneta, and with the support of the Department of Economics at Ca' Foscari University Venice, has set up two fellowships in memory of Guido Cazzavillan, which are intended for talented young Italian scholars for the 2018-19 academic year.

The announcements can be found at this link


Premio alla memoria di Giovanni Anania 2017


* AIEAA- Associazione Italiana di Economia Agraria e Applicata
* CRES-Centro Ricerche Economiche e Sociali Manlio Rossi-Doria - Università Roma Tre
* Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics - University of California at Davis
* Dipartimento di Economia, Statistica e Finanza “Giovanni Anania” - Università della Calabria

istituiscono un Premio alla memoria di Giovanni Anania.

Il Premio è destinato ad uno studente italiano o straniero iscritto al I o al II anno di un Corso di Dottorato italiano (l’edizione 2017 si rivolge a studenti iscritti al XXXI e XXXII Ciclo di dottorato) i cui studi si rivolgano ad uno dei seguenti temi
* commercio internazionale,
* negoziati internazionali e accordi relativi alla liberalizzazione dei mercati,
* politiche settoriali e commerciali rivolte al settore agroalimentare.

Il Premio consiste in una somma di denaro pari a euro 5000,00 finalizzata a contribuire alla copertura delle spese per un soggiorno presso il Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics - University’ of California a Davis (USA) senza il pagamento di tasse di iscrizione e con il diritto a partecipare alle attività didattiche e seminariali organizzate dal Dipartimento. Il soggiorno sarà di almeno 4 mesi, preferibilmente durante fall term 2017-2018 e, comunque, non oltre la primavera 2018. Grazie alla disponibilità dell’International Agricultural Trade Consortium (IATrC), il vincitore potrà, inoltre, partecipare gratuitamente al Convegno annuale del Consorzio.

La selezione è affidata ad una commissione composta da 3 membri designati dalle istituzioni che promuovono l’iniziativa.
I candidati verranno valutati sulla base di un progetto di ricerca dal quale debbono risultare chiaramente le finalità dello studio e le metodologie che si intendono applicare. Il progetto, redatto in inglese, non dovrà eccedere i 15000 caratteri. A parità di valutazione del progetto di ricerca, saranno preferiti candidati nati in Calabria.

La scadenza del bando 2017 è fissata al 30 Aprile. Entro tale data le domande dovranno essere inviate a centro.rossidoria@uniroma3.it corredate di

* progetto di ricerca
* copia di un documento di identità
* attestato di iscrizione al ciclo dottorale
* lettera di presentazione da parte del docente guida o del coordinatore del programma di dottorato.

L’esito della procedura di valutazione sarà comunicato ai partecipanti entro il 15 maggio 2017. Il vincitore si impegna a svolgere il programma previsto dal bando i cui dettagli verranno concordati con le istituzioni coinvolte, pena la revoca della somma e la sospensione dei benefici associati. Al termine del soggiorno, il beneficiario della borsa si impegna ad inviare una relazione sulle attività svolte redatta in lingua inglese. Eventuali pubblicazioni, basate sui risultati di ricerche svolte in parte durante la permanenza all’Università di California, dovranno rendere esplicito nei ringraziamenti il sostegno finanziario ricevuto grazie al Premio


Award in memory of Giovanni Anania 2017


* AIEAA – Italian Association of Agricultural and Applied Economics
* CRES – Manlio Rossi-Doria Centre for Economic and Social Research - Roma Tre University
* Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics - University of California at Davis
* Department of Economics, Statistics and Finance “Giovanni Anania” - University of Calabria

hereby establish a scholarship in memory of Giovanni Anania.

The scholarship shall be awarded to a student enrolled in the first or second year of an Italian doctoral program (the 2017 edition is for students enrolled in the 31th and 32nd doctoral cycles) with a research project in one of the following fields
* international trade,
* international negotiations and agreements on market liberalization,
* sectoral and trade policies in the agri-food sector.

The scholarship is in the amount of € 5,000.00 and shall serve to help cover the expenses of a stay of a minimum of four months, tuition-free, at the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics of the University of California at Davis (USA), with the right to attend educational activities and seminars organized by the Department. The time spent at UC Davis is a minimum of 4 months, preferably in the Fall term 2017-2018 and, in any case, not after Spring 2018. Thanks to the International Agricultural Trade Consortium (IATRC), the winner can also attend the IATRC’s Annual December Meeting free of charge.

The selection shall be made by a committee of 3 members designated by the institutions that have sponsored the scholarship.

The applications will be evaluated on the basis of a research project whose academic objectives and methodologies must be clearly specified. The description of the project, written in English, must not be longer than 15,000 characters. In case of research projects receiving equal evaluations, preference shall go to candidates born in the region of Calabria.

The deadline for the 2017 Call for Applications is April 30th. By this date, applications must have been transmitted to centro.rossidoria@uniroma3.it accompanied by

* research project description
* copy of an identity document
* certificate of registration at the doctoral cycle
* letter of recommendation from the doctoral program supervisor or coordinator.

The results of the evaluation procedure will be communicated to candidates by May 15th 2017.
The winner shall commit to carrying out the program described in the Call – whose details will be agreed with the participating institutions – under penalty of revocation of the award and of the related benefits. At the end of the period, the beneficiary will write a summary (in English) of the activities done. Publications resulting from research activities carried on, entirely or partially, at University of California should acknowledge the grant received.


Bando di concorso per l'attribuzione di nr. 1 premio per tesi di dottorato in memoria di Andrea Vaona

A.A. 2016-2017

Per onorare la memoria del Prof. Andrea Vaona, brillante studioso, scomparso prematuramente, è indetto per l’A.A. 2016/2017 un concorso per l’attribuzione n. 1 premio per tesi di dottorato dell’importo di € 2.500,00 finanziato dalla famiglia Vaona, dall’Università degli Studi di Trento – Dipartimento di Economia e Management (DEM) e dall’Università degli Studi di Verona – Dipartimento di Scienze economiche (DSE).

Possono presentare domanda domanda di partecipazione (entro il 31 marzo 2017) i  Dottori di Ricerca che abbiano discusso una tesi di dottorato in materie economiche presso un’Università italiana nel periodo tra l’01/01/2015 e il 31/12/2016. Verrà data preferenza alle tesi che trattano temi di ricerca su cui abbia pubblicato il Prof. Andrea Vaona (econometria spaziale,  macroeconomia applicata, economia regionale, economia del lavoro, energia).

Per altre informazioni, il bando e la domanda di ammissione, vedere al seguente sito  http://www.dse.univr.it/?ent=iniziativa&id=6958C