Application 2017

Graduate students and post‐docs will be asked to pay a registration fee of € 400, while faculty will be asked to pay a fee of € 500. The fee will cover the costs of meals and lodging in double or triple room for the duration of the workshop (arrive 18th June 2017 - departure 22th June 2017), but participants have to cover their travel expenses.

If participants are coming with family members they may ask for special accommodations either in apartments or other forms, contacting Maria Antonia Gregorio ( for assitance.

Participants  are asked to stay for the entire duration of the summer school. If it not feasible, please specify the duration of the stay in the “note” field in the application form. We will give priority to participants who stay for the entire duration.  

Participants who wish to present a paper should

a) Complete the application form on the conference web site

b) Submit a short CV (pdf file)

c) Upload, no later than April 18, 2017 the complete paper or a detailed and well‐developed research proposal (pdf file).

Other prospective participants who are interested in attending the workshop but do not intend to present a paper are required to fill in the application form only.

The application should be submitted not later than April 18, 2017 (Italian time).

Admissions decision will be announced by May 2, 2017. All applicants will be informed by email about the selection results.

You are asked to pay the fee no later than May 22, 2017.


You can find instructions on how to fill in the fields, if you hover over the information button.

You can customize your receipt using the "Your Receipt" button before submission.
If you get reimbursed by your institution please ask your administrative staff which data you have to insert.

You can upload/update the files (cv, ...) in two ways, after having submitted your personal data
* click on the file upload link that appears on the next page
* use the link in the application confirmation email that will be sent to you after the submit.

Please wait for admission before paying the fee

Go to application form and please execute point b) following the instructions.