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Paper submissions open!

The 2022 SITES Conference invites submission of abstracts for research papers, participant panels, posters and symposia that address how recent market shocks and government responses have impacted, or have the potential to impact, innovation pipelines and supply chains.

The deadline for the registration to the SITES 2022 Conference has been extended to Friday, August 12 2022.

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The mission of the Italian Association of Development Economists (SITES), born in 2011, is to create an Italian and international research community based on a network of scholars, research centers and multilateral institutions. It deals with sustainable development by integrating the economic, social and environmental dimensions into research, training, communication and social commitment activities.

Like the Sociable Weaver depicted in the logo that weaves large nests offering safe protection to many generations of birds for a very long time, so SITES weaves relationships in order to create a supportive and sustainable protective network that knows no geographical and cultural barriers aimed at favoring the best development conditions for the inhabitants of the nest.