Climate Change

International Conference “Action Inaction Climate Change”

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Photo by Mark Spiske
Photo by Mark Spiske

The world is facing a potential disaster from climate change. Many promises have been made, but little action has been taken. This conference of the AICC consortium addresses several aspects of this failure by lining up international experts and top French academics and economists.


Paris CNRS – 3 rue Michel-Ange – 75016 Paris

Conference Organizers

  • André de Palma (CY Cergy Paris University, France),
  • Robin Lindsey (University of British Columbia, Canada),
  • Nathalie Picard ( University of Strasbourg, France),
  • Stef Proost (KU Leuven, Belgium)
  • Nicolas Coulombel (Ecole des Ponts, France)


  • CY Advanced Studies
  • Labex MME DII (FSM)
  • Bureau d’économie théorique et appliquée
  • Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech


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Registration fees ((include breakfast, lunch and cocktail):

  • For all except students: 150 € by June 30, 200€ after June 30, 2023
  • Students: 75 € by June 30, 100 € after June 30, 2023


Welcome, registration and breakfast8:15-9:00
IntroductionAndré de Palma (CYU)Welcome and update on AIIC initiative9:00-9:15
Session 1
The world scene
Franck Lecocq (Director of CIRED)Mitigation options: key messages from IPCC Working Group IIIStef Proost (KUL)9:15-10:00
Andrew Prag (Managing Director for Policy, We Mean Business Coalition)Climate policy in 2023: urgency, obstacles andopportunities10:00-10:30
Katheline Schubert (Paris 1)Confronting the carbon pricing gap: second best climate policy10:30-11:00
Coffee Break11:00-11:20
Session 2
Global policies
Christian Gollier (TSE)Climate uncertainties and carbon valueRobin Lindsey(UBC)11:20-12:05
Frank Venmans (LSE, UK)Optimal Climate Policy as if the Transition Matters12:05-12:35
Lunch12:35-14 :00
Session 3
Urban climate policy
Jean-Claude Prager (Société du Grand Paris)The Grand Paris Express: Historical perspective and environmental stakesNathalie Picard (Unistra)14:00-14:30
Dominique Bureau (Director of Société du Grand Paris)Mass transit and climate policy: the Grand Paris Express casestudy14:30-15:00
Session 4
Regional and international transport policy and trade
Robin Lindsey (UBC, CA)Road vehicle emission policiesNicolas Coulombel (Ecole des Ponts)15:00-15:30
Stef Proost (KU Leuven, BE)Can and do we need to decarbonize aviation?15:30-16:00
Coffee Break16:00-16:20
Session 5
Decision theory and behavioral
Samuel Rufat (CYU)Samuel Rufat (CYU) Drivers and dimensions of flood risk perceptions and evacuationsAndré de Palma(CYU)16:20-16:40
Loïc Berger (IESEG)Rational Policymaking in the context of climate change16:40-17:10
Moshe Ben-Akiva (MIT, USA)TBA17:10-17:50
Closing SessionNathalie Picard (Unistra)Conclusions, final questions and next steps17:50-18:05