Wu Xing Guang

Wu Xing Guang born in Verona on 08/21/1997

June 2016
Four-year Professional Diploma in Electronic Technician at CFP ENAIP

Professional experiences

March 2014-April 2014
1 month school internship
POS Installation Technician at Staver S.a.s.

September 2014-February 2015
3 month school internship
Electronic Equipment Technician at Sipro S.r.l.

March 2016-May 2016
2 month school internship
Lighting Technician at Performance in Lightning S.p.a.

November 2016-January 2017
(First paid job) Occasional service of 3 months
Arduino programmer at Zanini Ristorazione S.a.s.

March 2017-May 2018
Fixed-term contract 1 year and 2 months
Mechatronics Maintenance Engineer at Ph Facility S.r.l.

June 2018-June 2019
1 year fixed-term contract
Mechanical fitter at Pharmathek S.r.l.

December 2018-June 2020
Part-time 1 year and 6 months
Home deliveries at Sushi Santa Lucia

October 2020-August 2021
Part-time 10 months
Home deliveries for Glovo S.r.l.

November 2022-now
Web area and big data programmer at Economics Living Lab and IT manager for the Italian Society of Development Economics.

01/2020 Ecosnake app development for Android.
06/2022 Creation of automated drip irrigation systems for the vegetable garden.
06/2022 Creation of a mini manual crane that lifts shopping.
07/2022 Automated food cart.
01/2023 Tedio app development for Android and IOS.

Medium/high level design, software development, hardware and mechanical, electrical, electronic maintenance skills.

My website: www.arduinoxing.it

For assistance please contact me at Email: xing.guang@econlivlab.eu